Preschool Developmental Screenings

What Is a Developmental Screener?

The purpose of the developmental screenings is to get an overview of a child’s speech and language, motor, and learning skills to see if there is a delay or risk of learning disabilities.  A screening takes less time and is not as thorough as a complete developmental evaluation. Nonetheless, it can offer good information about the need for more in-depth testing if a child’s skills are not at his age level.

Dr. Chelsey Brophy (psychologist) and Beth Waite-Lafever (speech/language pathologist) conduct this service. For developmental screeners, the Bracken School Readiness Assessment-Third Edition, Beery Visual-Motor Integration assessment, the Fluharty-2, and/or other developmental measures will be administered to your child. The assessment takes approximately one hour and ten minutes total. Subtests may include pre-academic skills, receptive and expressive language, and fine motor skills.

These assessments are not meant to provide diagnoses but rather identify developmental strengths and needs.

Who Can Benefit from a Preschool/Kindergarten Readiness Assessment?

Your child may benefit from this assessment if you question whether he/she is on target for meeting developmental milestones in relation to their speech/language, fine motor, and pre-academic skills. Furthermore, sometimes parents of children with late birthdays struggle with the decision to enter them in school or hold them back a year. This assessment may help you make that decision and help parents intervene early if there are concerns regarding a delay in developing foundational skills.

What Does a Developmental Screening Entail?

  • The examiner will either greet you and your child in the waiting room of our office or, if your child’s daycare/preschool is conducting the screeners, we will arrive at your child’s placement. The providers will then spend a few minutes interacting with your child to build rapport, ease anxiety, and to allow for a more comfortable transition.
  • Your child and the provider will sit at a small table and testing materials will be presented in a reciprocal fashion.
  • On one day, your child will work for 30 minutes with the speech/language pathologist and, on another day, your child will work with the psychologist for about 40 minutes. This is done to limit cognitive fatigue and optimize your child’s performance.
  • Short breaks may be taken depending on the motivation, attention and energy presented by your child.
  • After the testing is completed, you will be asked to wait a few minutes in the waiting room and the examiner will score the testing. If we are at your child’s daycare or preschool, you will receive a brief note regarding the results of the screening with further, more detailed follow-up options available.

If you are interested in further evaluation for your child, you may schedule an appointment through CRG and additional fees will be charged.

Where Can I Learn More Information?

Call CRG at (317) 575-9111, Option #214 to contact the Intake Coordinator. Morning appointments are recommended to obtain the most optimal performance from your child. We look forward to working with your child to assist with your educational placement decision.